Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Life Drawings

Seven drawings over the course of two lessons. Styles vary a bit but I feel I'm comfortable with proportions.

(Thanks to Josh for his handy camera)


  1. Hey Gabe,

    Loving the life drawing I believe the top 2 are probably your best loving the accuracy of the shirt on image 2 (if indeed it is image 2).

    I think next time you should number them because yeah as Phil said its easier for me to define which ones im talking about when I wish to praise one or negate one.

    Number 3 is a bit faint, ideally you should throw these in photoshop before bumping them into here, its real easy.

    Just open ps> click the image tab> go adjustments> finally go levels> then move the white and black arrows to define light and dark values. That will allow you to make your whites whiter or your darks darker.

    That being said I think this is lookin pretty sweet, nice stuff

  2. Thanks, funny thing is I already darkened them in Photoshop. Maybe I should dig my pencil in deeper next time I draw :P