Sunday, 2 October 2011

Head/face Studies

Some of these don't even look like me, I might've gotten shading or placement wrong.

Number 6 was my best attempt, all of the proportions are correct and is visible from the shading.


  1. Hey Gabriel, my name is Dayle and I have just started my second year on CG. What is good is that you have recognised that there is something wrong in your work; you have identified on many of your posts. But don’t be so strict with yourself. I speak from experience, I used to have such a hatred and such a panic about my work (I still do...). Sometimes I feel inspired, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes the ideas flow, sometimes they don’t. You remind me of myself when I used to “attack” my work way too much. When it doesn’t go right, we think there’s something wrong with us. There is. It’s called being human. Keep pushing at it, transform your inner critic and you’ll find a new freedom of thought coming to you naturally.

    If doesn’t matter if you “got the shading or placement wrong”. This is developmental work. Seek to address this “problem” later on if it really bothers you, but don't let it get in the way of your workflow. As long as you feel the improvement with your work over the lifespan of the unit(s), then all that eye-rolling, tsking, and shaking your head has done you good!

  2. Hey Gabe, I was glancing over the sketches of your face only to glance below to see the comment from Dayle.

    Now I know Dayle (from my games development days) and he is right, me and him share (or used to) a common trait of moaning about our ability. He seems to have gotten over it (im still working on my issue).

    What you consider to be bad is merely a working progress. They dont expect us to draw all of this stuff and be perfect with it. Nothing in this world is perfect. Critique your blemishes, analyse how you got that part wrong and somewhere deep down you will remember that. It might now show immediately or in 3 or 30 life drawing lessons... but one day you will see it.

    6 is excellent - not an easy perspective to draw, 5 is my favourite because its not something I would expect. And the eyes and nose on number 2 look like yours! I couldnt help but also notice you understand your lighting as every drawing you have shown has it. Keep it up mate. SHOW ME MORE!