Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Adaptation: Moving towards the pitch

After the presentation of my four main ideas (Tortuga remake, Egle serpent queen, Nightingale, and Fairies at Merlin's Craig) it was voiced by everyone's opinion that Egle the Queen of Serpents, an old Lithuanian fairy tale, was the most down to Earth of all the ideas. The Queen of Serpents tale has a rich cultural background as it is an archaic tale passed down throughout Lithuanian history.
Lithuania has strong roots in Pagan religion and that reverberates through art even to this day; basing many art pieces around nature, sun, animals, and trees. The folk art also incorporates lots of symmetrical patterns. Lithuania is also famous for its amber jewelry which ties in with trees and is a strong historical relic that dates back to the Grecian age when they were brought to Greece from the Baltic region even earning its name as the Northern Gold.

Egle the Queen of Serpents has a very strong tie around symbolism of trees and serpents. The mother and her children are all named after different trees in Lithuanian. 
The portrayal of tree and snake symbolism even shows up in Norse cosmology as the holy tree containing all the worlds, Yggdrasil.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Adaptation: First Ideas

For this unit I want to head in the direction of digital set design for film or possibly game based off a book.

I've got six novels from the author Alastair Reynolds, who writes epic space opera's, comprising the series of Revelation Space. The series is highly detailed in descriptive literature and there's an appearance of a variety of vivid scenes through out all of the books. 
The overall theme of Revelation Space is quite dark and full of perverse views on humanity so my target age would aim for 18+.

One of the main sites revisited often within the Revelation universe is Chasm City located on the planet Yellowstone, a metropolis that was once considered the Belle Epoque of humanities thriving technological advancement and a golden age of economical and social governance. However the city's bright future was destroyed once the Melding Plague arrived on the planet.

"At the time of the plague's manifestation our society was supersaturated by trillions of tiny machines. They were our unthinking, uncomplaining servants, givers of life and shapers of matter, and yet we barely gave them a moment's thought."

"Machines made Chasm City what it was; shaping its amorphous architecture towards a fabulous and phantasmagoric beauty.
All that is gone."

"...the plague went beyond mere destruction, into a realm much closer to artistry, albeit an artistry of a uniquely perverted and sadistic kind. It caused our machines to evolve uncontrollably - out of our control, at least - seeking bizarre new symbioses. Our buildings turned into Gothic nightmares, trapping us before we could escape their lethal transformations.
.......When we buried the dead they kept growing, spreading together, fusing with the city's architecture."

-from Alastair Reynold's Chasm City (pg. 3-4)

Since this book has no adaptation in film or game apart from a sparingly few pieces of fan art I really want to create the city the way I envision it from Reynold's descriptions. 

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Character Design Lessons

Drawing character postures while role playing
Making a character out of an inanimate object (my watch)
 Changing a characters existing traits (Jafar Evil to Good)
 Creating characters out of gym objects
Animal structure

 Characters you'd find in a gaseous world
 Creative businesse designs

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Last Muskateer Bible

The Last Musketeer Bible

Villain Expressions

Height Comparison

Villain Pose

Villain Colour

Villain Turnaround

Villain Pose Development

Evil Sidekick Pose

Evil Sidekick Colour

Evil Sidekick Turnaround

Evil Sidekick Pose Development

These are the poses I was working with leading up to the final turnaround of the Templar.

Hero Prop

The sword design for my story incorporates the time travel aspect and is how the hero travels through time. The hand guard retracts and changes colour as it prepares to activate.

Hero Colour

Monday, 7 January 2013

Hero Expressions

Hero Turnaround

The finalised version of the hero in turnaround.

Hero Posed

This is the hero in action poses, front and back. The armour design isn't the final version because for stories sake this is when he was younger and had a different set of armour.

Hero / Armour Development

Here's of series of developments experimenting with hair style, slight facial changes and also the armour design. The armour was difficult to blend with the musketeer theme seeing as musketeers didn't really have armour so to speak. So I implemented several aspects of the musketeer like the flared boots and gloves, futuristic designs might not necessarily  have flared clothing but it completes the design. Lastly as it was looking too much future soldier and not so much musketeer I decided to add in a cape. It logically allows him to blend and hide his chest emblem if need be. In the end I ran with number 4.