Sunday, 2 October 2011

Armadillo Drawings

I wanted to get a better understanding of the shape, anatomy and posture of an armadillo so I did a few drawings of it in various poses and even skeletal form. (And yes I do realise I misnumbered them and that there's only 8 and not 9.)

A real prominent feature of the armadillo is the fact that it rolls up into a ball and it's whole physiology and armour are designed to let it do just that. However not all of them can do that, the South American three-banded armadillo can roll into a ball but the nine-banded armadillo (which happens to be my sub-species) can mainly just hold its breath for an impressive six minutes. I could still gather a few traits from the different sub-species and combine them into one since they're all armadillos'.


  1. Yep! Looking into anatomy is the right way to go :D Try and imagine your skeleton combined with an armadillo's- that should be interesting. They are such fascinating creature. I wonder how would a human skeleton function in order to curl up like an armadillo?

  2. I am envious of your creature. I mean look at him he can roll into a ball and has a coat of armour... You should adapt him into a comic book character!!

    Andriana is right, the Anatomy is key especially for the more Dynamic poses. I suggest you google some comic book covers for some proper sick character poses for this little guy. - Possible inspiration for your influence map also!

    8 & 9 are totally banging, 8 is definatly my favourite. I like how you have looked into the guy rolling into a ball (number 4). The anatomy looks tight too. You gotta tell me how he rolls into a ball when you break him down, I'm curious now.

    Anyway... awsome drawings mate!! Keep it comin!