Friday, 29 November 2013

Minor Project: Draft Level Layouts

Now that I've got initial concept art of the game environments it's time to properly plan it out so that the concept art has game direction. I've started out with rough layout of how I feel the levels should flow with room for further improvement.
The heaven level layout is extremely rough at the moment however I do plan on keeping the vertical structure gameplay. 

Minor Project: Colour Palettes

The original colour palette (below) seemed a bit too messy and overpopulated with colour so I've tried experimenting a bit further with fewer more selective colours.

I tried out a completely new palette with new colours selections from the painting itself and not the old palette. It doesn't seem to be working too well however.

So I went back to the old palette and sampled colours from it and applied it to a more minimal version. It seems to be a lot more controlled in terms of quantity and consistency.


Thursday, 28 November 2013

Minor Project: Working with Silhouettes

I've taken silhouettes from the collection and mixed and matched them to get these three compositions.

Minor Project: Silhouettes

My prior concept pieces lacked definite form and since I'm adapting Bosch's painting I thought it would be wise to extract silhouettes from the painting itself. Here are the most prominent shapes I could find within the painting itself.

Minor Project: Concepts

With these concepts I've been exploring the composition of the levels (theme and forms) without yet applying colours samples from 'The Garden of Earthly Delights' painting.

These two were created before the interim crit and never got uploaded separately so here they are.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Minor Project: Colour Palette Test

Having a little mind block with the level designs I've decided to play around with some colour palettes. In my adaptation unit doing a colour palette really helped me move forward with the designs so hopefully this experimentation will let me explore Bosch's world a bit more. This initial palette has colours taken directly from the painting but still unrefined (and too varied), I'll work further into getting more specific colours for each realm.