Tuesday, 4 October 2011


These are my initial ideas for my armadillo/me hybrid. I don't have too many dynamic poses at the moment because I'm concentrating on content instead, I'll do dynamic poses in later development. My main point of concentration at the moment is attempting to hybridise the armour of the armadillo onto my body since it's a major aspect of the creature.

 I'm not too sure if I should go too extreme on the skull design for my character but armadillos' have elongated snouts like ant-eaters as seen in figure 7.

 Another main feature is when armadillos' stand up on their hind legs they have an unusual posture. In fugure 18 I demonstrate this with the hand position and slight slouch in back.


  1. Very Nice Gabriel :D I like how you got into so much detail already. I like the skull transformation (bottom left) and the poses. Posing is really important for your piece. Try and work out a pose that emphasizes on a body part you want to show. For instance if you want to show the back of your splice it will be cool to use the back pose (4). Decide on which transformed body part you want to show and base your dynamic pose on that. Great tuff :D

  2. Hey Gabe,

    Looking good, one thing comes to mind though. I have been mosying about some of the other blogs looking at feedback from Phil. Try to stray if you can from the stereotypical muscle bound transformations. The more nature flab (or blubber in my case) is generally a more successfull merge.

    None of us are super heroes (I know I wish I was). I like the cross legged approach dont recall seing too many concepts dealing with the lotus position.

    P.S. Dood, can you give me some feedback soon?

  3. Yeah I see your point about the whole muscle thing but in all fairness having armour on the skin would reduce body fat or at least hide it. I'll try to do some more sketches where the bodies not so defined.