Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Influence Map

Forgot to upload this sooner, was laying around in my desktop.

These are a few things I that help me visualise a hybrid armadillo/human. The top left image is actually a Marvel image of a man mutating into an armadillo which I find fantastically relevant to my project.


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  2. Hey Gabe,

    (Second time posting due to blogger being rubbish). Now I have to remember what I posted before. Basically glad you have the hybrid from marvel that should help but remember not to get confused by sticking yourself with a 6 pack and bulbous arms. Its you with armadillo features, maybe a half shell protruding from your back or has started to split your back open to make way for that badass armour.

    Other then that I'd say just get some pose research under your belt. Dynamic poses are key for any concept.