Friday, 4 October 2013

Minor Project: Proposal

Project Type: Character Design for Animation

Area of Study: Character concept, Character Modelling, Texturing

Idea: I'm looking to adapt character(s) from a space opera novel series written by Alastair Reynolds, Revelation Space. The universe it set half a millennium into the future from the 21st century where human have not only achieved space flight but have splintered into several factions with different cultures, states of mind and even bodies; some not resembling humans anymore.
My main focus will be on the Ultranaut faction, a splinter of humans that spend most, if not all of their lives, travelling on spaceships. To endure the lengthy spans of space travel and aging they heavily modify their bodies and even take pride in it.
In the novel the main ship throughout the story is crewed by Ultras with the triumvirate being the leaders (Volyova, Sajaki and Hegazi). All vary in their degree of chimeric integration and Hegazi, the most chimeric of the bunch, will be the one I will model in Maya.

Outcome: Fully resolved character concepts in Photoshop with a facial expression sheet and a 3D model of the character with a rig to pose and a turnaround.

Goal: To be able to create believable and likable characters and bring out their personalities during the design phase.

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