Monday, 14 October 2013

Minor Project: New Proposal

As I was going through my original idea of adapting characters from the Revelation Space novel I found it difficult to get a grasp of the characters and their backgrounds. As it's already the beginning of week four I felt that spending more time pondering the characters wouldn't be beneficial so I'm moving on and the new idea is already looking more promising.

I'll still be going for character/creature design for this new idea only now my efforts will be focused around creating villains for a video game. The theme of the game and designs will revolve around the seven deadly sins from Christian ethics. The seven sins are quite often used in media and design and can result in generic outcomes if not done properly so my unique twist will be to bring in the "what if" factor.

"What if the highly innovative yet mysterious painter, Hieronymus Bosch, was to design seven villains for a modern video game based on the seven deadly sins?"

Jacques Le Boucq: Portrait of Hieronymus Bosch c. 1550

I will be using Bosch's work as a heavy influence on the villain designs with special focus on the symbolism and interpretation of his painting The Garden of Earthly Delights (1480 - 1490) in which Bosch shows his special talent for creating demons. Hieronymus Bosch had many followers as well as many imitators so I will reference to their work for influence as well.
Renaissance paintings had many influences from medieval religious symbolism so study into that symbolism will also help me nail down the final designs.

Hieronymus Bosch: The Garden of Earthly Delights (1480 - 1490)

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  1. Hi Gabriel,

    You didn't attend your Dissertation tutorial today :( I'd like you to put your dissertation chapter-by-chapter breakdown on your blog for my attention. I'm determined to keep you on track with both your dissertation and minor project, so consider this an instruction. Create an @ Phil post and I'll feedback accordingly. Don't let the weeks slide by, Gabriel - or the wheels will fall off.

    Re. your minor project: again, this is a very, very thin first post - come on, Gabriel - let's see some attack before it's too late to 'be amazing!'