Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Minor Project: Piecing Together the Ultranaut Culture

To adapt the Ultranauts from Revelation Space as a successful design their culture has to be analysed along with the backdrop of their living environment and even where they visit during space journeys.

The Ultras travel between planets for very prolonged periods of time, usually going into reefer-sleep so that they age at a reduced rate. The time span can reach up around a century before they visit the same planet again where they will trade resources, technology and upgrade their bodies.

These large gaps in time between body upgrades will be my main focus for creating the Ultra; coral like in structure, they will have new prosthetics mixed in with old and even layered on some parts.
They take great pride in their chimeric nature and will show off in many bizarre ways some even going beyond what is considered human.

The triumvirate of the ship Nostalgia for Infinity are unusual even amongst Ultra culture as Volyova has no implants or prosthetics what so ever but is a great scientist and weaponeer, Sajaki doesn't have any obvious body mods but nanomachinery is crawling under his skin (he's also an adept spy, often remolding his face), and Hegazi is at the other spectrum of bodily modification, often intimidating other Ultras in the process with his over the top prosthetics.

Here are some descriptive paragraphs of Ultras and an example of a city they visit which correlates with the theme or coral building:

 (The short paragraph on page 82 above describes a small town that has been built in a collage of different styles over time. This logic can also be applied through the universe of Revelation Space given the large timescale that is always moves in.)

Mood boards will be posted soon working around the various descriptions throughout these paragraphs (i.e. - prosthetics old/new, coral structures, junk/recycling art)

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