Monday, 28 October 2013

Minor Project: Game Premise Revamp

Through my previous tutorial it was deemed that my first premise strayed too far from Hieronymus Bosch and his painting The Garden of Earthly Delights. I've taken the game idea straight into the world of the painting now playing as Bosch himself and letting the game levels unwrap from the painting context. This will keep the game's theme tied deeper to the Renaissance and what the people of that time (c. 1500's) experienced; a play on faith, sin and deep seeded symbolism.

During the tutorial it also became evident that my game lacks the mechanism around which the game play flows thus not allowing me to move on with level and character designs. I want to keep the mechanism as simple as possible so that I can fully concentrate on the concepts; I've created this draft flowchart of how the game could work as the player travels through the levels:

The game will act as a collection/puzzle type genre starting with the collection of tokens to bribe the creatures into handing over the virtue which will in turn be used to complete the monuments that are spread throughout the realms.

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