Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Adaptation: Sketches

I've been trying to get a good sense of how my scene will be constructed and mainly the theme of contrast has been showing the most. I have the sacred trees at the top of the structure and towards the bottom where the serpent kingdom is things start to get more chaotic and darker.

With this second drawing I've started incorporating a fortress around the trees adding to the sacred quality as if it were being guarded. The serpent kingdom then continues down to the sea floor as in the first sketch. 

 Here I started working more with pattern (which is prominent in Lithuanian folk art) and give it more purpose. Towards the top there is symmetry and order while towards the serpent kingdom disorder.

After my latest tutorial with Phil it's clear that I need to start working on colour and setting the mood since my main goal is high quality textures and lighting. Also we talked about the scene being too much as a whole and that I should cut down on modelling or find a stylistic approach that can go around it. So my project direction from here will be, while working on finalising the design style, to create colour palettes and also figure out exactly how much I want/need to model.


  1. I'm drawn to the first page of drawings. These seem to flow but I also like the idea of incorporating pattern, especially if it is relevant with Lithuanian folk art.

  2. I think you can reference some Lithuanian sculptors. We have many places and parks that are full of statues from Lithuanian fairy tales.

    for reference you can take a look at witches hill in juodkrante. It's like a hill full o creatures of fairy tale characters, also the environment is wonderful there. This is for example Egle and Zilvinas:

    As well you can check Baltic park of mythology, which was opened quite recently. Again some images of serpents from there:

    I just think you might can get inspired stylistically.

  3. Thanks a lot :) I'm most likely gonna go with a Lithuanian wood carving style for my scene and maybe even metal crafting.