Saturday, 16 February 2013

Adaptation: Design Concepts 3

I've had a little gap in posts but I was constructing a way to make the designs come together as a whole and here it is. The majority of people liked the cut out spherical designs from my previous set since it made more of an impact so I adapted it to the trees. The story Elge the Queen of Serpents has five different trees into which the mother and children transform but instead of accurately replicating the tree I merely tried to grasp the essence of each tree. In Alan's words "a tree is a tree", so each design below merely imitates the form of its respective tree. Also I've given each tree trunk a separate pattern; the boys have sharp angular patterns, the mother has egg shaped patterns representing her children and also the bottom half of a snake, and the little girl is more frail than the rest and has a fire like design coming from the bottom representing her betrayal.

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