Saturday, 9 February 2013

Adaptation: Influence Maps

I hadn't uploaded any proper influence maps yet for my colour schemes and design style but here they are.

My first map represents the colours I want to use for the over world where the trees reside. I want to incorporate natural green undertones with vivid red highlights and a pleasant golden sunlight.

The serpent kingdom takes on more water based colours ranging from blue to purple. I want it to be dark but still beautiful and alluring (the pink and light purples help to bring this out). The bottom two images represent more the atmosphere than colour.

From my tutorials it is clear that I need to take on a specific style. It will help reduce tremendously realistic modelling and will let me concentrate more on texturing, colour and lighting which are the main areas of my interest for this project. So I've decided that a proper style linking Lithuanian folk art and tale would be a wood carved scene where the entirety would seem like a sculpture.

 As the over world of the trees would take on a wooden sculpture theme the serpent kingdom would be more well represented by metal. Still taking on the sculpture aspect, the serpent kingdom will inherit a more rustic charm and combined with the above colour scheme it would make a unique scene.

And finally these are the five main trees within the fairy tale. Each representing their own strength and Lithuanian culture outlook. The daughter (aspen tree) is the weakest link within the family so she became a tree that shakes at the weakest wind, so all of the trees are properly situated according to the story.

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