Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Unit 2 OGR

Unit 2 OGR

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  1. OGR 08/11/2011

    Hey Gabriel,

    A nicely presented OGR doc - and your enthusiasm and 'vision' for this project shines out, which is great. Some of your photoshop work has already attracted positive attention, which bodes well. I like the articulation of what you want to accomplish from these paintings - it seems that they will be exercises in atmosphere - the interplay of light and mist, light and shade - to create a sense of being somehow 'untouched' and somehow new. The bamboo 'forest' is particularly enticing in terms of what it will give aesthetically. Obviously, dinosaurs are not themselves the focus of this piece, but you might want to take a look at a project from two years back, when now third year Leo Tsang tackled The Lost World - complete with dinosaurs, but did so in a way as to ensure the focus was always on scale and grandeur; take a look:


    (obviously use 'older posts' to track back through his creative development)

    One observation I'd made about thumbnail 3 is compositionally, it's lacking some dynamism - obviously it's a bare bones drawing - but consider King Kong's use of layering - foreground, midground, background - if that view of the lake was a little bit occluded - so that we were looking past/through vegetation etc. it would get punchier and less 'passive'.

    Re. written assignment - Ryan Church's contribution to the Star Wars universe is well known - and Revenge of the Sith is an interesting one in terms of production design because that film had to synch-up with the production design of the original Star Wars. I wonder then, if this aspect might offer up a bit more meat, because it may involve more individuals than just Church. You have to be careful with this essay that it doesn't become 'about' the concept artist. The essay is 'about' the way in which production design contributes meaning to the narrative remember. Your essay should also contain within itself, definitions of production design and visual concept generally and their role - before applying that understanding to the case-study in question. There are a number of resources on production design available on myUCA/Space/Unit Materials - an entire chapter on what production design 'means', and what the term covers. You should certainly read this before attempting a definition - use it as 'quotable' evidence too.