Wednesday, 23 November 2011

@Phil Unit 2 Essay

Hi Phil, could I get some feedback for this essay please? :)

Unit 2 Essay

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  1. Evening Gabriel,

    Okay - stylistically, put your opening paragraph 'Written and directed by...' after 'The essay examines the importance of...' Also change 'the essay' to 'this essay'. The first line of your intro should simply state the investigative remit of the discussion.

    Technically all looks to be in order, but there is something largely generic and non-specified about the analysis - for example, you don't give the reader any concrete examples of a visual concept at work - for example 'why' a certain world was deemed to look the way it did - what inspired it, what the mood was supposed to be etc. You just need some nuts and bolts here - a few clear examples of the 'thematic purpose' of production design - i.e. what was the colour palette trying to reinforce or say, or what the costumes communicated about character etc.