Thursday, 2 May 2013

Adaptation: Further Detail + Positioning

For the most part the trees are complete modelling wise and now I'm in the process of completing the rest of the scene.

Here's a few renders of the trees in different positions since the original concept art just had them in a default position surrounding the mother and facing the camera. I've concentrated on the children facing the mother and having the children in her view but I've also included one where two are behind her.

If anyone can give an opinion of which setup is best that'd be helpful. FYI: this is just preliminary so the heights won't be even in the end; I'll have the mother on a little mound to reinforce her position.


  1. Nu kaip gerai viskas atrodo, super tiesiog labai grazus modeliai. Man tai antras variantas patinka nes nera toks simetriskas jauciasi judesys kazkoks.
    mama ir as linkim tau labai geru uzbaigtuviu. :)