Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Adaptation: Tree Modelling Nearly Complete

Hi all, just realised how long it's been since my last post which is a little bit too long (especially after an indulgent holiday), but never-the-less I'll give it my all this final week.
The trees are nearly done, just need to incorporate the faces, adjust the trunks for the separate designs and also the snake roots. Afterwards, it'll be the island and underwater sections but I with my design style it shouldn't take that much more time. Then I can commit the rest of my time experimenting with textures and lighting getting the fairy tale feel just right.

 This twisty tree took the most time, I couldn't figure out how to properly create this kind of shape but in the end I used separate cylinders to create the final canopy.


  1. Nice work, Gabriel! Looking forward to seeing them textured :)

  2. nice to have you back, Gabriel - but seriously, if you drop the ball on this one - because of that 'indulgent holiday' I'll be utterly furious with you! just saying...

  3. Roger, ball will be kept in the air.