Thursday, 8 March 2012

Unit 4: Life Drawing


  1. Hi Gabriel - okay;

    In regard to Unit 3 resub 40% Component;

    1 perfect, authentic, sincere film review in which you demonstrate an understanding of how Unit 3's themes (uncanny, ambiguity, etc) relate to the content/structure/mise-en-scene etc. If this means re-watching, then go do it.

    1 written assignment - as perfect please.

    That'll do - the main thrust of my unit 3 feedback was simply that I want to see an end to you underachieving, when I think you should be setting an example to others. "Be amazing".

  2. oh - by the way - the image quality of these actually quite nice life-drawings is appalling! Take some pride in your own work, Gabriel - sigh... :(