Monday, 19 March 2012

Cantankerous Bow Tie Story Development

Haven't gotten around to posting these story ideas yet so here they are. After a talk with Phil on friday it was decided that I should stay away from animating hands (although my V1 has hands) and that the bow tie can have complete free movement with animalistic movement.

Act 1 -- A man's wife calls to him that they need to leave soon if they don't want to be late for an event, to which the husband replies he'll come down as soon as he ties his bow tie.
Act 2 -- The man starts trying to tie the bow tie but after he finishes it just droops down, aggravated the man straightens the bow tie again but once again it droops, only on one side this time however. The man tries once more to straighten the bow tie, it holds perfectly for a few moments and once the man puts his hands down the bow tie suddenly completely unravels itself. The man grabs the bow tie and throws it on the table at which point it finally decides to tie itself perfectly.
Act 3 -- In the end the bow tie simply gets replaced by a tie and the bow tie starts sulking and walks away.
Notes: I'm staying away from this story because it will involve drawing hands too much which will consume a lot of time.

V 2:
Act 1 -- This version opens up in the same as the first. The man's wife calls to him telling him to hurry or they'll be late to the event. He replies that he needs his bow tie but can't find it anywhere.
Act 2 -- Unnoticed by its owner the bow tie crawled out of it holding box and hid behind it acting like a scared little animal. The owner finally notices where it's hiding and says "ah I found you" but the bow tie suddenly scampers between boxes until it decides to stay behind one box. The box gets lifted up and the bow tie ties itself in a flurry of motion and becomes a moth and flies up towards the light while aggravating its owner.
Act 3 -- The man tells his wife off screen that he'll just have to wear a tie in an annoyed voice. When the bow tie hears this it flies back down into its box and ties itself properly only to hear the door shut.
Notes: Although I avoid drawing hands in this one the third act seems unresolved and a bit lacking so onto version three.

V 3:
Act 1 -- The wife calls to her husband to hurry up or they'll be late for an event. The husband replies back that he would but he seems to not be able to find his bow tie.
Act 2 -- The man notices that one of the lids from the boxes moves slightly, he looks closer and sees that his bow tie his hiding behind the box. As the bow tie peeks around the corner of the box and hears the man noticing its presense it starts running away but the man quickly slams his hand down on it and catches the bow tie. The bow tie is then around the man's neck ready to be tied however when the owners hands reach up to tie it the bow tie slaps his hands away much to the owners shock. The bow tie then proceeds to tie itself but ends up doing it completely wrong so the owner reaches to tie him correctly but gets slapped away once again. This time the bow tie ties itself wrong again and the man says no, and then keeps retying itself repeatedly getting it wrong every time until the man finally explodes in anger and rips it off his neck.
Act 3 -- The scene changes to the view of a shop window with random things for sale and the man's bow tie is on display at a cheap price. The camera zooms in on the tie showing it all neatly tied and then it loosens and unties at the last second.
Notes: This version does involve drawing hands but not at a complicated level and at the same time the bow ties cantankerous expression is better displayed in this version when it keeps pushing the hand away and annoying its owner. I'll carry on with this version as my final script.

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