Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Visual Concept

 I gathered several images that I could use to get an overall image for my final piece. At the top is a nuclear testing town from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, to me they just seem strange, built to life-like perfection and just filled with mannequins. Second down on the left is an empty street in Yokohama, I like the idea of experimenting with lighting for my scene and neon's can add a good variety. To the right of that is Joe Collier's photo from a mental hospital with a baby's chair which sounds like a weird combination together. The two images below are from Daybreakers (left) and Mirrors (right), the Daybreakers image uses a nice shot of a pitch black area within the house (working on fear of the dark and unknown) and the Mirrors image works on the uncanny of mirrors and also shows a nice setting for light since uncanny can be created with lighting alone. The bottom image is from 1408, a really disturbing film, and the classic shot of the long hallway in an old hotel creates an unsettling atmosphere for me.

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