Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Adaptation: Moving towards the pitch

After the presentation of my four main ideas (Tortuga remake, Egle serpent queen, Nightingale, and Fairies at Merlin's Craig) it was voiced by everyone's opinion that Egle the Queen of Serpents, an old Lithuanian fairy tale, was the most down to Earth of all the ideas. The Queen of Serpents tale has a rich cultural background as it is an archaic tale passed down throughout Lithuanian history.
Lithuania has strong roots in Pagan religion and that reverberates through art even to this day; basing many art pieces around nature, sun, animals, and trees. The folk art also incorporates lots of symmetrical patterns. Lithuania is also famous for its amber jewelry which ties in with trees and is a strong historical relic that dates back to the Grecian age when they were brought to Greece from the Baltic region even earning its name as the Northern Gold.

Egle the Queen of Serpents has a very strong tie around symbolism of trees and serpents. The mother and her children are all named after different trees in Lithuanian. 
The portrayal of tree and snake symbolism even shows up in Norse cosmology as the holy tree containing all the worlds, Yggdrasil.

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