Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Character Design Beginnings

Venturing onto our second project of character design I got the mix-match theme of time travelling musketeers.

Time travel offers a broad range of story ideas from olden day musketeers travelling the decades fighting for the king or modern/futuristic musketeers fighting in the name of justice.
Instantly the age group for this type of story and animation aims towards 18+ due to the serious nature of the story. There were many factions of musketeers throughout the ages of the 15th to the 19th centuries across many nations; India, Spain, Germany, Russia, etc. all had musketeers at one point but the main musketeers that I will concentrate on are those of France.
The French musketeers became famous under the service of Louis XIII who founded them.Their task was to protect the royal family at all costs and to uphold justice.

Story Idea:
My theme is in the realm of time travelling but with a hint of realism due to it being 18+. I want to venture away from the steampunk idea since it doesn't necessarily explain the aspect of time travelling. So my world will be set in the future where the worlds turned into a religious dystopia. The governments only inches away from being taken over by the Catholic church but certain laws still exist to prevent it from doing so. However the prime cardinal of the church has gained possession of new technology from the science institute that will allow him to travel in time. His aim is to go back in time to never allow the laws to come into existence that will let the church obtain complete dominance in the future.
Little to the cardinals knowledge there still exists an old surviving order of musketeers, sworn to uphold justice for all of time. One young musketeer learns of the cardinals plan and vows to do anything, even travel through time, to stop him.

Intial rough ideas: (Poses, proportions, contours)

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