Thursday, 26 April 2012

Unit 6 Commision: Intro

Our final project of the year opens up with a commission introduced to us by Dr. Klappa about the human body and its cells. We are to produce a 3D animation of up to 2 minutes that expresses the complex biological processes within cell reproduction for an audience group of our choosing. We've been given a choice between three scenarios of how to engage our animation: the intricate reproductive cycle of the human cell in which chromosomes duplicate, the introduction of cancer and how it begins from lack of reproductive control, and finally the process of ageing and the theories around immortality and its concequences, particularly the Telomere Theory, the Mitochondrial Theory and the the Insulin-Like Theory.

I will be closely following the latter of the three choices and focus on ageing and possibilities of immortality and concequences of cancer and tumors that could follow. I'll create a possible animation scenario for each of the three theories and then each combine or narrow down my choices following further developement.

We also have to choose an artistic direction in terms of our audience group (eg. children's informative cartoon, student's informative video, or discovery channel-like animation) and I've given some thought and decided to take a cinematic direction for my animation. My animation will rely on visuals and camera movements to create an animation that has the possibility of cinema developement; this will give it a wide age group and also non-scienctific audiences.

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