Saturday, 4 February 2012

Idea No.1

An eskimo is tired of just eating fish without any vegetables for his dinners so he gets the smart idea of constructing a greenhouse the snow. All of his plants end up freezing over and dying instantly. He gets a lightbulb idea of using a vacuum cleaner to suck the warmth from his house fire and into the greenhouse. This works for a while and he can see the plants starting to grow and as one is about to bear fruit the vacuum cleaner sucks up a piece of wood on fire and blows up the entire greenhouse and his one little fruit. In the end the camera shows him eating fish again for dinner at his table with one tiny burnt vegetable on the side.


  1. Hahaha! This cracks me up! Silly eskimo has he never learnt you don't mix vacuum cleaners with large objects!

  2. lol That is really good! Ow I can really see that in my head, it reminds me of Pengo for some reason. With that I don't think you would need a lot of speech, maybe just narrative or something but yeh, really good idea, I love it.

  3. A greenhouse in the snow makes perfect sense! It's comical but makes sense as a concept! I love the Vacuum Harvesting I should try it sometime!