Friday, 20 January 2012

Unit 3 Presentation

Unit 3

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  1. Hi Gabriel - and apologies for the confusion (mine!) re. written assignments etc. If you could see into the interior of my skull, you would hopefully see that there are 3 year group's worth of 'deadlines, extensions, crises etc' jostling for my attention - it's a jungle in there!


    This is the first time you have been asked to complete the ISS (unlike those veterans of surveys in Year 2 and Year 3), but it's really important that you take a moment or so to reflect on your experiences so far - because students are the voice 'most-listened to' in terms of the 'powers-that-be'. So - complete the survey for me, and then leave a 'done it' confirmation on the blog post below. Many thanks in advance :)