Saturday, 17 September 2011

Can someone say roadkill?

Looks like I'm gonna be hybridizing with a dasypus novemcinctus or better known as the nine-banded armadillo, one of the species from the armadillo family.
I guess that's not so bad, I'll be a human with really strong armour and a tail, and I can even jump 3 to 4 feet in the air when I'm startled ......right into the front bumper of a car.

Well if I'll be human sized then maybe the cars won't be so bad, so on a final note:


  1. :D Yep - on the right of Courtney Cox is 'how not' to approach Unit 1....

  2. Hello Gabe,

    It is your "partner" in crime Stitch here to comment your ass off. This all the research your doing on the little critter?

    I'd like to see some anatomy research or some shizz like that. Particularly bones, the bones intrigue me!!

    Armour sounds like a wicked ability you certainly got a cool ability. Maybe you can reflect bullets or something...

    Anyway loving the blog, tell me more of your critter!!!