Friday, 25 April 2014

The Cambridge Five: Modelling Progress

I've been so focused on modelling my scene that I have forgotten to keep up progress updates on the blog. So far I'm putting on the finishing touches to the modelling of the lair itself and as for the spy assets that will fill the rooms I have a majority of them modeled with only a small number left to complete. With two weeks left uv mapping, texturing and lighting will be a tight fit however not every single asset in my level will require mapping and the ones that do I suspect will not be too troublesome.

 The doors turned out nearly identical to the concept art which was pleasing to see.
  Don't worry the humans are reference only :)

 I added in the curtains as a way to diffuse the empty space of the ceiling and also to accentuate the unique circular skylight.

This is a screen grab viewing with the Viewport 2.0 renderer which closely simulates how the level will look in a games engine.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Cambridge Five: Table v.2

After a few creative criticisms it was evident that the base of the globe drew away from the concept art of the table so I've gone back and remodeled the globe supports to be attached directly to the table for a more sleek look.

The Cambridge Five: Conference Table Model

I felt like I wasn't making headway with the overall lair modelling so I've gone in to model the assets to go into it. The table didn't present any problems whilst modelling and I've tried to keep the poly count to a minimum since this is for a video game.

Monday, 24 March 2014

The Cambridge Five: Lair Cutout Concept

I feel that the circular design of the lair will be the final choice so I'll start blocking out the base model of the lair in maya. The idea is that the lair was built as an add-on addition to the manor owned by the spies.